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Academic Practices

Outcome Based Education and Bloom's Taxonomy-based evaluation process are practiced in all UG and PG programmes along with flexible Choice Based Credit System. Active learning and ICT tools are part of the teaching learning methodologies of TCE. Capstone courses, Engineering design course, Guided courses and Rubrics based project assessment are some of the ideas undertaken by us. The academic process team works for the continuous enhancement of quality in teaching learning practices. We are open to any new initiatives in Teaching and Learning.

Best Practices in Academic Processes @ TCE

Curriculum Design

  • Competency Based Curriculum from the academic year 2008-09
  • Outcome Based Education from the academic year 2014-15
  • Choice Based Credit system from the academic year 2015-16
  • Embedding innovation in the Curriculum

New Courses

  • Engineering Design, Capstone Courses
  • General Elective Courses
  • Foundation Elective Courses
  • Guided study courses
  • Flexible Elective Courses
  • Workshop practices ( Circuit Branches)

New Type of Courses

  • Theory cum Practical Courses
  • Fully internal assessment based courses
  • Industry Supported Courses
  • Conceive Design Implement Operate (CDIO Initiatives)
  • Adopting Engineering  Practices in Community Services

Content Delivery

  • Practicing Active and Collaborative  Learning Methods:
  • Think Pair Share (TPS), Think Aloud Pair Problem solving, Group Grid, Jigsaw, Flipped Classroom,...
  • Use of  ICT Tools
  • Quality Enhancement In Engineering Education (QEEE)
  • Participated in all QEEE Phases,  currently it is in Phase VIII
  • Awarded Highest Rank: partnering Institution.
  • IUCEE – International Engineering Certified Faculty Members


  • Introduction of Bloom Taxonomy
  • Flexible Assessment Pattern for based on the nature of the course
  • Rubrics  for project Reviews and Presentation
  • Adapting modern tools for interim assessment in PG programmes