Standard Operating Procedure

Students should register themselves for placements with Placement Representative (PRs) in the beginning of the 6th semester.

  • Placement Representative will collate the data collected and submit it to the Placement Officer
  • Assessment tests will be conducted to all the registered students to assess students’ skills
  • Based on the assessment result, training will be organised for all students.  It is mandatory for students to undergo training to appear for the selection process
  • On completion of training, students will be reassessed for areas of improvement in aptitude
  • Based on request, students’ database will be shared with the company after obtaining students’ consent
  • Campus recruitment dates will be confirmed on mutually convenient days
  • Students will be informed about the company visit three days in advance
  • Results will be announced to the students at the end of the recruitment process
  • Once the students receive the offer letter by mail, they will be asked to submit the same to the department staff coordinator
  • Those students who have been selected in the sharing slot companies will be asked to submit the consent form to the placement officer within a day after declaration of result
  • Those students selected for the internship will submit the internship request form (held in Placement Office) to the Department along with the Internship offer letter received from the company.


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