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Quality Circle

With an idea to create a lively environment for interactions, intellectual discussions, continued learning, knowledge improvement of academics and the need for paradigm shift in attitude, Quality Circle was introduced in TCE the month of June 2014.
A group of enthusiastic faculty members were identified as Facilitators. Brainstorming sessions to identify issues were conducted across all departments by these facilitators which had decent response from the students. The problems identified were consolidated and prioritized by the teams.
Quality Circles were formed to address the problems related to Teaching and Learning process as key concerns.
The facilitators of the Quality Circles further brainstormed the granular level issues and initiated data collection. Fish-bone diagrams were drawn to identify the Cause and Effects related to the problems. Further problem analysis was done with Pareto diagram.
To enhance the performance of the existing Quality Circles and to increase more QCs that can address issues, training programmes were conducted periodically for faculty members with experts from the Quality Circle Forum of India, through lively training sessions.
Staff members who attended the training programme were asked to form groups of five members underwent brainstorming sessions, were asked to identify a problem, analyze it, find the root cause and bring a solution using QC tools. Some of the presentations gained much appreciation from the resource persons.

Trainings Given:

  1. Two day training program on Management of Quality Circles for effectiveness of Educational Institutions, 30th and 31st of October 2014.
  2. Two day training program on Management of Quality Circles for effectiveness of Educational Institutions, 3rd and 4th August 2016.

Faculty Trained: 

Month and Year Number of Faculty Trained
October 2014 35
August 2016 32

Work done:

QC Case studies have been conducted in the following topics related to Teaching and Learning process:

  1. Balancing workload and Performance assessment
  2. Industrial Exposure
  3. New Teaching methodologies
  4. Tutorial and Assignment effectiveness
  5. Relevance of Blooms Taxonomy in Content delivery


Three faculty QC teams participated and won awards in the Convention on Quality Circles in Education (CCQCE) – 2015 organized by Quality Circle Forum of India – Chennai Chapter on 14th February 2015.

Title of the QC Teams Award Received
New Teaching Methodologies Excellence
Tutorial and Assignment Effectiveness Excellence
Relevance of Bloom’s Taxonomy in Content Delivery Distinguished Case Study Presentation

CCQCE – 2018

CCQCE – 2019