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Alumni reunions

  • Our Alumni Reunion has always put people in pleasure, where they get back to their time old golden memories. Meeting their mates after long ages makes them reminisce a lot about their association with the college and friends.
  • When people come back they take ownership about their college and pass their feel of studenthood to their spouse and children. Moreover, they take college tour and bring the events of past in live.
  • Beyond all these, this reunion brings in new opportunities for students as many alumni are entrepreneurs. This paves way for student recruitment and thus adds to college placement results. Other alumni also play their role as Mentors, where they provide financial and other support for students in need.

Generally, Alumni reunion is scheduled as

  • Silver Jubilee Reunions –  conducted during December /July.
  • Golden Jubilee Reunions –conducted during July/ December
  • Other reunions – facilitated many reunions like 10th year, 16th year,20th year, 33rd Year, 40th Year and 45th  Year reunions 
  • Every reunion has a student questionnaire session at the end where the students have interaction with alumni regarding their association with the college and also about the trending technology.