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Alumni Scholarship / Alumni Day Celebrations


To Support Economically Weak Students


  • Around 40% of students admitted to the B.E / B.Tech programmes in Thiagarajar College of Engineering are from rural background. They are in need of financial support to pay their college fees.
  • Thiagarajar College of Engineering Alumni Charitable Trust provides financial support to such deserving students based on a merit cum means basis.
  • The donations received from the alumni during their visits and the reunions are deposited in the TCE Alumni Charitable Trust account and the interest earned from it is used for annual student scholarships.
  • Donations received in India are exempted under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act.

Alumni Scholarships

  • Rukmini Shanmugam Endowment Scholarship
  • G17 Alumni Scholarship – 1966, 1967 and 1968 Alumni
  • Pannaikadu Veerammal Paramasivam Endowment Scholarship – 1962 CIVIL Alumni
  • Esaichelvan Memorial Scholarship – 1978 CIVIL Alumni
  • Meenakshi Srinivasan Endowment
  • TSK Memorial Scholarship
  • Subramanian Scholarship
  • Shri Priya Mahesh Scholarship
  • P V Shanmugam Scholarship - 1980 MECHANICAL Alumni
  • Urmila Mahendra Babu Scholarship - 1964 EEE Alumni
  • Pitchai Mahalingam Scholarship
  • SHARP Foundation
  • MVM Trust Scholarship
  • Mr. Kesavapillai Scholarship
  • Nellisary Trust Scholarship
  • TCE 1998 Batch Endowment Fund
  • TCE 96 Reblend
  • TCE 2005 Xanazo Sponsorship
  • TCE Alumni Charitable Trust Scholarship

Process of Selection and Award

  1. Open call is sent to students seeking applications for scholarship from the deserving students.
  2. The applications are then shortlisted thoroughly, and an interview is conducted for the students by a panel of faculty members along with the respective head of the departments.
  3. Students are scrutinized based on the evaluation criteria that comprise their academic performance, economic background, supporting mechanism and peer perception.
  4. The scholarships are distributed to the selected students on 29th of July every year, which is celebrated as our Founder’s Day and also, Alumni Day.
Founders Day on 29-7-2023
Founders Day on 29-7-2023

 Donors from various batches grace the occasion and distribute the scholarships to the students.

Consolidated Scholarship Details

S.No Academic Year Number of beneficiaries Scholarship Amount
2023-2024 216 Rs.62,08,850/-
2022-2023 208 Rs.46,44,975/-
2020-2021 205 Rs.30,72,300/-
2019-2020 208 Rs.31,38,150/-
2018-2019 161 Rs.21,92,000/-
2017-2018 156 Rs.17,00,000/-
2016-2017 114 Rs,13,00,000/-
2015-2016 132 Rs.13,20,000/-