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Support for Fast learners

TCE strives hard to support  fast learners through IIT Bombay Remote Workshops and QEEE programmes.

IIT Bombay Remote Centre (RC 1173)

TCE was recognized as Remote Center of IIT Bombay,  in 2012,  to host the online workshops conducted by IIT Bombay and IIT Kharagpur under  “The T10kT project’’ supported by NMEICT- National Mission  on Education through ICT.  It helps faculty members to constantly upgrade themselves to learn about advances in their domain, and to understand the best practices for facilitating best possible learning, benefitting from each of the programs. Use of online and blended approach allows participants to complete a significant part of training online, thus reducing the time which must be spent on face-to face synchronous interaction.

Workshops hosted by TCE (RC 1173)

S.No Name of the Workshop Duration Conducted by Workshop Co-ordinator
1 Introduction to Research Methodology 25 June-4 July,2012 IIT Bombay Dr. K. Srithar
2 Aakash for Education 10-11 Nov,2012 IIT Bombay Dr. N. Sivara
3 Engineering Thermodynamics 11 to 21 Dec,2012 IIT Bombay Dr. G. KumaraGuruparan
4 Research Methods in Education Technology 2-9 Feb,2013 IIT Bombay Dr. P. Maran
5 Database Management Systems 21-31 May,2013 IIT Bombay Dr. M.K. Kavitha Devi
6 Analog Electronics Main Workshop 04-14 Jun,2013 IIT Kharagpur Dr. V. Vinoth Thyagarajan
7 Half a Day ISTE workshop on "Green Building Awareness" 24 June, 2013 Half a Day IIT Bombay Dr. P. Maran
8 Engineering Mechanics 26 Nov-6 Dec,2013 IIT Bombay Dr. V.Balasumbramani
9 Signals and Systems 2-12 Jan,2014 IIT Kharagpur Dr. P.G.S. Velmurugan
10 Fluid Mechanics 20-30 May,2014 IIT Kharagpur Mr. M.S.Govardhanan
11 Computer Programming 16-21 June,2014 IIT Bombay Mr. M.P.Ramkumar
12 Computer Networking 30 June-5 July,2014 IIT Bombay Dr. G.S.R.Emilselvan
13 Cyber Security 10-20 July,2014 IIT Bombay Mrs. C. Jeyamala
14 Control Systems 2-12 Dec,2014 IIT Kharagpur Mr. S. Sivakumar
15 Pedagogy for effective use of ICT in Engineering Education 5-7 Jan,2015 and 19-21 Jan,2015 IIT Bombay Dr. S. J. Thiruvengadam
16 Introduction to Design of Algorithms 25-30 May,2015 IIT Kharagpur Dr. S. Sudha
17 Environmental Studies 2-12 June,2015 IIT Bombay Mr. V. Ravi Shankar
18 Introduction to Structural Engineering 4-9 Jan,2016 IIT Kharagpur Mr. M. Muthuramalingam
19 Technical Communication(self supported)

30 Nov-5 Dec,2015

(8 Oct-5 Dec,2015)

IIT Bombay Dr. S. Rajaram
20 Engineering Physics 8-18 Dec,2015 IIT Bombay Dr. M. Mahendran
21 Use of ICT in Education for Online and Blended Learning(self supported)

3 weekends: 14-15 May;

4-5 June; and 25-26 June,2016

IIT Bombay Dr. (Mrs.) D. Anitha
22 CMOS, Mixed Signal and Radio frequency VLSI Design 30 Jan-4 Feb,2017 IIT Kharagpur Dr.D.Gracia Nirmala Rani
23 Electric Power Systems 5-10 July,2017 IIT Kharagpur Dr.C.K.Babulal
24 FDP101x Two week FDP on Foundation Program in ICT for Education 3  Aug-7 Sep,2017 IIT Bombay Dr. D. Anitha
25 FDP201x Pedagogy for Online and Blended Teaching-Learning Process 14 Sep-12 Oct,2017 IIT Bombay Dr. D. Anitha
26 FDP101x Two week FDP on Foundation Program in ICT for Education 13 Sep-18 Oct,2018 IIT Bombay Dr. C. Jeyamala
27 FDP201x Pedagogy for Online and Blended Teaching-Learning Process 30 Oct-13 Dec,2018 IIT Bombay Dr. C. Jeyamala
28 One day Workshop on Moodle Learning Management System 15 Mar,2019 IIT Bombay Dr. S. Muthuramalingam
29 One day workshop on Scilab 4 May,2019 IIT Bombay Dr. R.Leena Sri
30 One day workshop on Python 22  June,2019 IIT Bombay Mrs. J.Jane Rubel Angelina