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Career guidance cell

The CGC- Career Guidance Cell, has been catering to the needs of students at TCE with the following prime objectives:

  1. To conduct a student survey on their needs and suggestions to promote higher studies / language studies and further motivate, train, and guide students for higher studies and competitive exams.
  2. To enroll students and Volunteers in Higher Studies / Civil Services Exams / Language Studies clubs.
  3. To renew our contacts with the leading higher study training centers for organizing higher study awareness programs/ help desks in the college premises to promote higher studies in India and Abroad.
  4. To sign MoUs with foreign embassies / leading higher study training centers for organizing higher study awareness programs and guide the higher study aspirants further.
  5. To effectively make use of TCE Alumni Network, who have gone abroad for higher studies, to periodically motivate and guide our students.
  6. To organize Guest Lectures, webinars, Seminars and Help Desks for Profile Building and Career Counseling.
  7. To encourage Peer Coaching/Training department wise.
  8. To award and recognize the toppers in the Higher Study Exams / Competitive Examinations and recipients of Admission offers from the Universities in Abroad.

Clubs functioning under the Career Guidance Cell

  • Higher Studies Club
  • Civil Services Exams Club
  • Language Studies Club

Activities of the Clubs

Higher Studies Club

  • Organizes coaching for GRE, TOEFL, GATE, CAT, IELTS inside the college premises by the leading external organizations and internal resource persons.
  • Conducts Mock Tests for Higher Studies and various Competitive Exams among students to promote higher studies in India and Abroad.
  • Provides study materials to help the higher study aspirants.

Civil Services Exams Club

  • Provides learning resources for the aspirants of IAS, IES, IRS, …
  • Invites eminent speakers to interact with our students about Preparation for the exam, Scheduling study hours, Attending the Exam & Interviews.
  • Provides times slot for sharing the knowledge among the aspirants for peer enabled learning.

Language Studies Club

  • Organizes Foreign Language Programs on German, Japanese and Coaching Classes for Hindi & English Communication for the needy students. (In the globalized world of education and job preferences, seeking and gaining knowledge has become inevitable irrespective of the geographical location.
  • With due concern for the linguaphiles and for those aspiring for higher education in the western world institutions and to be placed abroad, language courses like German, Japanese, English and Hindi are being offered through qualified faculty, after regular class hours.
  • The multimedia classrooms environment enables the interested students volunteer, attend and reap the benefits. Besides, students are also being guided of the resources available in and around).
  • Conducts the Training for Business English Certificate (BEC-Vantage) and arrange for the conduct of the Computer-based BEC Exam in our premises.

Career Guidance Cell – Core Team

  • Dr. S.Chandran -Dept. of Civil Engg.
College Level Coordinator
  • Dr.M.Nirmala Devi, Dept. of CSE
Dept. Level Coordinators
  • Ms. K. Keerthy - Dept. of Civil Engg.
  • Dr. M.Kannan – Dept. of Mech. Engg.
  • Dr. M. Geethanjali – Dept. of EEE
  • Dr. B. Sathyabama – Dept. of ECE
  • Dr.M.Nirmala Devi, Dept. of CSE
  • Dr.K.R.Premlatha- Dept. of IT
  • Mr. H. Ramesh - Dept. of Mechatronics
  • Ar. P.Pavalavelsh – Dept. of Arch.
  • Dr.P.Sharmila, Dept, of AMCS.
  • Mr.M.Gowtham Sethupathi, Dept. of CSBS
  • Dr. G. Jeya Jeevakani, Dept. of English

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