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Club activities

Robotics club

The robotics club of TCE is a student-run club on campus with an active participation of more than 300 students. Our club was initiated in the year 2010 under the guidance of Prof Dr. M.Saravanan (Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering).  We bring together like-minded students from all the departments in our college to have fun building robots.
TCE Robotics club provides an opportunity for students to supplement their education with hands-on experience in integration engineering. From the past three years we engage our students with active participation in various workshops, contests and tutorials to develop their interest in Robotics.
The following activities are carried out under Robotics Club

Robo Contests
The following contests were conducted for the students in the Robotics club and Prizes were given for winners and special awards for the best design and best control.

Robo Soccer
This event was conducted on 24th August 2013. We had an active participation of third and second year students with a total of 35 teams (4 per team). Prizes were given for winners of first three places and special awards for the best design, best players and best control.

  • Robo Race
  • Robo War
  • Robo Ideas Presentation (Paper Presentation) contest
  • Robo Workshop

Workshops are regularly conducted for the students in the Robotics club by faculty, student coordinators and external agency to enhance their knowledge in the field of Robotics. The following workshops are conducted under Robotics club.

Haptic Arm
The workshop was organized by our college in association with Technophilia Systems in association with Robotics & Computer Applications Institute of USA on 2nd and 3rd of October 2013. A contest was conducted after the workshop for the registered 24 teams, out of which 3 teams were selected for participation in national level contest to be conducted by IIT Bombay.

  • Arduino Programming
  • Line follower Robot design
  • Atmel AVR2560 microcontroller Programming
  • Matlab Programming for Robot control