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Personality Development Camps

The TCE Alumni Association,Thiagarajar College of Engineering , and Rotary club of Madurai metro jointly organizes three days personality development camps for the students namely Pinnacle, Efflorescence, Zenith, Blossom, Orchid. Initially during the year of 1994 to 1998 the camp were conducted in the college campus in the name of Pinnacle. From 1998 of February the camp was conducted outside the campus. In 1999, Based on the feedback from the students the second camp namely Efflorescence were added. From 2003 third camp namely zenith was added. The students got motivated and gave the feedback about camps for the implementation of the experiences that gained from the camp both in profession and family and also due to the spirit of our alumni Mr.V.Suriyamurthy(1986,Mechanical), President, Rotary club of Madurai metro the fourth camp namely Blossom were added from the year 2006-2007. In 2014 the students themselves requested 5th camp for the maximum beneficiaries namely Orchid. Every year 5 camps are conducted with a maximum intake of 50 for each camp. Totally 59 camps were completed till now, nearly 2500 students were benefited under the leadership of our Alumni Mr.Ramgopal. In parallel there were two personality development camps which was conducted for the faculty members of TCE in the name of HORIZON. The students who passed out the college were supporting the camps till now by handling the sessions, coordinating the camp activities etc. The important topics that staffs are covered during the camp sessions includes come out of the shell, Understanding self, attitude change, bringing the effective communication skills, critical thinking, empathy, peer relationship, Decision making, Emotional intelligence, yogic practices and make them understanding the value of life.