NCC - National Cadet Corps

National Cadet Corps in Our College was started in 1978 to ignite the minds of cadets with the motto - UNITY AND DISCIPLINE to develop qualities of character, courage, comradeship, discipline, leadership, secular outlook, spirit of adventure, ideals of selfless service and bring peace, prosperity and bliss to the nation.

The NCC of this Institution has a strong alumni base, most of them occupying coveted positions in many public services, educational, industrial, defence and research organizations all over the world. The NCC of our college has long record of meritorious contribution; NCC activities in our college have evoked much enthusiasm among the students.

The 4(TN) Engineering Company NCC, a Infantry technical unit is functioning in our college with a sanctioned strength of 200 cadets and 2 officers, who are actively indulging in all NCC activities to make our college and our Nation proud. This subunit has achieved several landmarks and has added several feathers to the crown of TCE.

This sub-unit is one of the few of its kind which imparts equal training to both boy and girl cadets.


Drill, shooting, Physical fitness, map reading, First aid and camp training covering basic of military training in Army, Navy and Air Force. This training is mostly carried out by the cadets. In addition, depending upon the type of service, basic knowledge of that service is imparted to the cadets.

List of NCC Activities:

2Regular Parades for I,II,III Year
3Regular Annual Camps
4Special Camps (TSC, NIC, RDC, AAC)
7Social Service Activities
8Swatch Bharat Activities
9NCC Journal Publications
10Conference and workshop
11Officer Commanding Inspection
12B and C certificate-Exams

Over the Years, Many activities were carried out in NCC. The cadets and volunteers engage in social service activities, as indicated below:
Collection of funds to help people of areas affected by natural calamities like tsunami and floods. Celebration of Armed Forces Flag Day by selling flags. The funds collected are utilized to help the ex-service men and widows of armed forces personnel. Participation in ‘Anti-Dowry’ campaigns, Blood-donation Camps, AIDS Awareness rallies, Tree Planting fests, Coastal Cleaning Drives, etc. Visits to Charity homes, Old age homes.
The various types of camps attended by the NCC cadets are as follows:-
(a)Annual Training Camps/ Combined Annual Training Camps (ATC/CATC). These are held within the State under the aegis of respective NCC Directorates.
(b)Centrally Organised Camps (COC).  These camps are of all India nature and are planned by Headquarter DGNCC in consultation with State NCC Directorates which conduct them. Selected cadets, as per the vacancies allotted to each Directorate, participate in these camps. The following types of centrally organised camps are conducted: -
(i) National Integration Camps (NIC)/ Special National Integration Camps (SNIC).   National Integration Camps and Special National Integration Camps are conducted to make cadets understand and value the rich heritage of cultures that forge unity despite the diverse languages, traditions and religions of our country. These camps are conducted on an all India basis and help bridge the cultural gap among various states of India. 37 National Integration Camps are conducted every year. In addition, six Special NICs are conducted in the extremities of our country at Leh / Srinagar (J&K), Dimapur (North Eastern Region), Peddapuram (Kakinada), Badabagh (Jaisalmer), Lakshadweep and Port Blair.
(ii) Leadership Camps.Six Advance Leadership Camps (ALC), are conducted every year to focus on personality development, leadership skills and orientation for induction into the Armed Forces.
(iii) Thal Sainik Camp (TSC).Two TSCs are conducted at HQ DGCC Camp, Parade Ground, Delhi Cantt every year in Sep/Oct, one for SD/JD boys and other for SW/JW girls.

Impact of NCC:

Every Year Cadets are attending the SSB, SSC Interview and other recruitments in Armed Forces. The Society grants 500 scholarships of Rs 5,000/- each to NCC Cadets who excel in academics. Cadets are availing Sahara Scholarships of Rs 30,000/- every Year who excel in academics. Every Year Cadets are attending the NCC Special Entry Mode recruitments in Armed Forces. NCC cadets participate in Youth Exchange Programme which is a country to country exchange of cadets belonging to NCC/ equivalent Govt/ youth organizations of friendly countries.
On successful completion of the laid down syllabi, cadets of Junior Division/ Wing are eligible for ‘A’ certificate examination and cadets of Senior Division/Wing for ‘B’ & ‘C’ certificate examinations. These are open for the cadets who have attended requisite number of periods and camps during their training.


Weapon Training by NCC cadets during CATC Camp At NTA -Idayapatty-Jan 2021Cultural Performance by NCC cadets during CATC Camp At NTA -Idayapatty-Jan 2021NCC cadets visit to Defence Service Staff College- Madras Regiment Centre-OOTY-March 2019 INS Shivaji Visit to TCE - April 2019
NCC Officer Lt.Dr.T.Chandrakumar receiving Disaster Training Completion Certificate from Commanding Officer-4 NDRF, Arakkonam- Oct 2015NCC Cadets at Trekking -Aritapatti Hills-Jan 2020NCC Cadets creating awareness on Open Defecation to School children- Jan 2020Padma Shri .Dr.R.Vasudevan, Dean ECA welcomes Officer Commanding Col.KA.Ayyup for NCC Day Celebration at TCE- Nov 2019
Chief Guest address by Officer Commanding Col.KA.Ayyup on NCC Day Celebration at TCE-Nov 2019Our Trustee Mr.Hari Thiagarajan welcomes Officer Commanding Col.KA.Ayyup for NCC Day Celebration at TCE- Nov 2019NCC Cadets performing Special Drill during Independance day 2018Rifle training by our NCC Cadet at Army Attachment Camp, Secundrabad- March 2017
Training by our NCC Cadets at Army Attachment Camp, Secundrabad- March 2017Firing Simulation to our NCC SW Cadets during CATC Camp at NTA Idayapatty - June 2018Weapon Training by our NCC cadets during CATC Camp at NTA Idayapatty - June 2018Rifle Drill to our NCC Cadets by Officer Lt.Dr.T.Chandrakumar during CATC Camp at NTA Idayapatty - June 2018
Rock Climbing by our NCC Cadet during CATC Camp at NTA Idayapatty - June 2018 Swachh Bharat activity by our NCC cadets and ANOs at Thirumokur Kalamega perumal temple - September 2019Tree plantation by Associate NCC Officers at Thirumokur Kalamega perumal temple as Swachh Bharat activity- September 2019Orphanage visit by our NCC Cadets as part of NCC day celebration at Annai Sathya Sai Orphanage home - Nov 2018
Swachh Bharat (Clean India) rally inaugurated by Officer Commanding Col. KA. Ayyup during CATC Camp - June 2019Bike Drill performed by our NCC cadets at Independence day celebration - 2018Pyramid formation by TCE NCC cadets at Republic day celebration - 20184 TN ENGR Coy NCC - Orphanage visit in Dinamalar daily - 2018
Yoga by our TCE NCC Cadets on International Yoga Day celebration - 21 June 2019Our Principal Dr.S.Mercy Shalinie addrressing the gathering during Independence day celebration- 2020NCC Officer Lt.E.Ramanujam receiving Disaster Training Completion Certificate from Commanding Officer-4 NDRF, Arakkonam- Oct 2017Our NCC Cadets riding in Arjun Tank during Army Attachment Camp, Secunderabad - 2017
Swab Test to our college staff members organized by NCC - February 202170th NCC day celebration at Inba Illam Orphanage home with Officer Commanding Col. Sridhar - 2018
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